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The Key to Achieve a Healthy, Pain-free Life.

Persistence Chiropractic Care is a trusted chiropractic centre in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur that specialises in spinal adjustments and personalised chiropractic treatments.


With the aim of providing the utmost quality care, we take on a patient - focused approach to ensure every patient walks out with a genuine smile and better quality of life, free from pain.


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Based on your overall health, treatment goals and lifestyle, the chiropractor will create a suitable chiropractic care specifically made for you. No two patients are the same, here at Persistence Chiropractic care, we are persistently empowered to help our patients achieve optimal health.


Understanding of the patient’s medical conditions and health situation. A thorough chiropractic exam will be conducted, which includes posture analysis, instrumentation analysis, necessary imaging analysis, and palpation to examine the patient's current spinal health.

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Are you suffering from Back Pain? 

Consult with our Gonstead chiropractors today!

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What our Patients say

Eric Ong 

"I injured my lower back a few months back. Consulted a few orthopaedics and surgery was recommended. I was advised to stop all my exercise routines to prevent my condition getting worse. A friend of mine recommended that I consult Dr Valerie first before making any decision. 

I’m glad that I made my first move to do the consultation with the chiropractor despite my busy schedule. I was referred to get X-Ray before the treatment even though I had my MRI done previously. Dr Valerie was very patient and attentive to answer all my questions and doubts. After a few sessions, my lower back pain and numbness over my right leg have reduced significantly. Finally, I can return to my exercise routine again pain-free."

Yeow Rong Low

"Went for 4 sessions and have been noticing improvements after each adjustment by Dr. Valerie! I always feel my lower back is tense and used to "crack" myself every night before I sleep and since then I didn't feel like cracking my lower back on my bed anymore after the first adjustment. 😊

Dr. Valerie is very patient with all my questions & concerns while being really friendly to explain everything to me in details. Highly recommended! "

What Our Patients Say

Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Persistence Chiropractic Care is the best chiropractic centre in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur that specialises in spinal adjustments and personalised chiropractic treatments.


We treat back pain, musculoskeletal problems, chronic pain, scoliosis, and more by practising the Gonstead method which is often known as the best way to relieve pain, free from surgeries and medication.

Clinic Hours

Monday : 10am - 8pm

Tuesday : 10am - 8pm

Wednesday : Closed

Thursday : 10am - 8pm

Friday : 10am - 5pm

Saturday : 10am - 8pm

Sunday : 10am - 3pm

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