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September 2023

The Spirt of Malaysia: Committed to Pain Free Living.

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July-Sept 2022

Big Pharmacy E-Newsletter features Persistence Chiropractic!


Persistence Chiropractic Care is the best chiropractic centre in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur that specialises in spinal adjustments and personalised chiropractic treatments.


We treat back pain, musculoskeletal problems, chronic pain, scoliosis, and more by practising the Gonstead method which is often known as the best way to relieve pain, free from surgeries and medication.

Clinic Hours

Monday : 10am - 8pm

Tuesday : 10am - 8pm

Wednesday : 10am - 8pm

Thursday : 10am - 8pm

Friday : 10am - 5pm

Saturday : 10am - 8pm

Sunday : 10am - 3pm

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