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Big Pharmacy: Less Pain, More Gain with Regular Chiropractic Care

by Valerie Na, Ruth Lai

July, 2022

Chiropractic Care

Less Pain, More Gain with Regular Chiropractic

Standing tall as one of Malaysia's most trusted names in healthcare, Big Pharmacy's recently shone a spotlight on our chiropractic clinic, Persistence Chiropractic Care.

In their July-Sept 2022 BIG INFO (Wellness & Lifestyle) e-newsletter, they featured us - showcasing our dedication to reshaping perceptions about
chiropractic care in the community.

In the newsletter article, we emphasized on educating about the benefits of regular chiropractic care on overall well-being.

Chiropractic is more than just back pain relief and pain management.

" Chiropractic is much more than just back pain relief and pain management. While it is common practice to seek Chiropractic when we get injured, the greatest benefit of Chiropractic lies in performance enhancement and preventative care. Regular chiropractic care encourages spinal health and restores proper joint function, resulting in improved function and mobility for the body for your daily living. 

Moreover, Chiropractic care helps to optimise the nervous system and boost your immune system, allowing your body to greater accept and adapt the stresses put to your body so your training outcome gets maximised."

Chiropractic Care

We highly encourage our patients to maintain spinal health and restoring proper joint function through consistent chiropractic sessions. 

This not only leads to improved body function and mobility in daily life but also enhances performance in physical activities like strength training.

Benefits of Chiropractic for Strength Training and Injury Prevention:

Strength training demands optimal body alignment and functionality, that chiropractic care actively addresses.

Here's how
chiropractic care benefits strength training and helps in injury prevention:


  • Enhance level of performance in exercise and training.

  • Makes it easier for the brain to engage and move muscles.

  • Allow better communication and effective activation for the nerves responsible for muscle contractions. 

  • Enhance muscle efficiency.


Head to BIG Pharmacy’s E-newsletter (Page 12-13) to read the full article. For more information about our clinic or our chiropractic services, feel free to contact us !

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Persistence Chiropractic Care is the best chiropractic centre in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur that specialises in spinal adjustments and personalised chiropractic treatments.


We treat back pain, musculoskeletal problems, chronic pain, scoliosis, and more by practising the Gonstead method which is often known as the best way to relieve pain, free from surgeries and medication.

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